Building ‘Stronger Roots’ within Communities through Supporting Life Skills Programs

Empowering neighbours through supporting life skill programs, The Salvation Army Thrift Store is helping to build stronger communities with its new Stronger Roots initiative. 

 “Our new initiative impacts people from all walks of life through skills that are critical in day-to-day living,” said Michele Walker, National Retail Operations Manager for The Salvation Army Thrift Store. “By providing additional support to Salvation Army Life Skill programs we are helping to enhance skills that aid the well-being of our neighbours to be more active and engaged members of their communities.”

Launched in August the Stronger Roots GoodWorks@WorkTM initiative was implemented in 108 National Recycling Operations (NRO) locations nationally collecting over $38,000 in its first year.  Funding from this initiative will go towards Salvation Army programs across Canada that support developing a myriad of skills such as employability, personal and emotional development, languages, parenting, health and nutrition.

“We feel it is important for us to positively impact the communities in which we operate our Thrift Stores,” said Walker. “Our guests are always behind us one hundred per cent and we thank them for their continued generousity. Stronger Roots provides one more platform for us to make a difference!” 

Stronger Roots is among four NRO GoodWorks@WorkTM initiatives that provide support to a variety of Salvation Army programs and services such as sending children to summer camps, helping children overseas, assisting in the fight against poverty and now enhancing the skills of individuals and families.